Mutual Awakening - Meditating as a WE   

Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world
seek each other so that the world may come in to being.
- Teilhard de Chardin

Many of us recognize that the mindset of “What’s in it for me” is neither satisfying us as individuals nor serving life on Earth. There is a longing for a shift in consciousness. For most of us, that path of awakening has been strictly an individual journey. And while it’s essential to awaken and develop individually . . . it can make us feel achingly alone – as if we have to carry the future all on our own. 

Instead of retreating within ourselves . . . to truly wake up from our separateness, we can turn towards each other to bring forth a new consciousness, together.


What is Mutual Awakening

Mutual Awakening is an emergent, spiritual practice that's done together, speaking and with our eyes open.  Our shared attention awakens the space We are in, allowing for a shared, unitive experience that's beyond our social personas, or strategies for communicating.  We feel a sense of unity with each other, opening us up to more freedom from the ego, and more intimacy with Life and ourselves. 

People's experience in their own words...

In the very beginning, the practice takes a little getting used to. After practicing Mutual Awakening for over a year, I’ve noticed that it allows me to have a more present experience of life, dependably. It has helped me more fully connect with the people around me so that I participate in what’s going on from a connected space. I’ve noticed that the practice has softened me and helped me go toward things instead of holding back, making up a story, analyzing or compartmentalizing. - BP


I feel less anxiety and fear, and more creativity in my life. - LS


“The changes I’m noticing in myself include an ongoing dissolving of unsupportive 'me' traits, a deepening peace, the beckoning of more possibilities, more, more. This is such a joyous awesome privilege, thank you. Becoming part of the shared experience of Mutual Awakening with other beautiful hearts is a pristine gift. Indescribable Love!” - JR


It’s a doorway to the softest, most open and reverent way I’ve ever experienced another human or myself and the most “Oneness” I’ve ever felt. - EM


Seen and Met

What if we had shared rituals & practices that reminded us of the future world we so deeply desire, and met our longing to be authentically seen?  

Not the sparkling personalities, or conforming expressions of ourselves that we think we have to show to the world, but our sacred, inner self.

Experience living love through transparency to the sacred together.

To really know our fundamental Unity in a direct and real way... helps to resolve so much of the things that cause pain for ourselves personally --

stress, fear, control, insecurity, mistrust...

      and resolves so much of what causes us to contract and be with one another in ways that cause unnecessary suffering for the whole relational ecosystem of humanity that we are a part of.


In this live 6-week online program you will be guided by me, Mutual Awakening Teacher Stephanie Shindler, through a new module each week.  Each session is 90 minutes in length, focusing on entering practicing with others, coaching, and Q & A.

Details on each week  >>

Unlike so many offerings out there, that are either passive downloads, or live classes where once you've paid, it doesn't matter to the group if you attend or not, in the Mutual Awakening Accelerator, your unique presence & engagement matters.

Your genuine curiosity and willingness matter.

Given that we can only know this consciousness by directly experiencing it, we are with you thoroughly in this process, in real-time.  As your teacher and guide, I'm committed to being "in, with, and for" so that you can step into this consciousness with others for real. 
We only want to you commit your time and money to this experience if it is mutually a good fit.
Therefore, if after the first session, you decide that the program is not for you, we will offer you a full refund.

After week 2:
You'll have access to practice Mutual Awakening in the larger practice community.

After attending Modules One and Two, you'll be ready to be our guest in the practice community Evolutionary Collective Global for the remaining four weeks of the program.  Sessions are available 7 days a week with people from around the world who are trained in Mutual Awakening.


Small group program in May 2024

Small group course with your dates

Create custom dates for you, or for your group.

Are you a part of a group (or relationship) that explores expanded consciousness, personal growth, or evolutionary relationships?  We can create a private course for your group to learn Mutual Awakening together.

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